The Standard Paper SSAT

Online & Printed Practice

Since 1957, the traditional paper SSAT has led the way in private school admission assessments. Learn how to register and take it at one of our certified test centers below.

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Taking the Paper SSAT

The traditional paper SSAT remains the preferred option for many students because it resembles the classroom testing experience with students completing answer sheets and the writing sample in pencil. The Standard SSAT is administered at authorized test centers, typically schools.

Review the Standard paper test dates below to get started and search for a test center near you. You'll also want to learn what to expect on test day and help your student do their best with our official SSAT practice materials.

Have questions? Find answers to frequently asked paper testing questions in the Help Center, and don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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What is the difference between the Standard and Flex paper SSAT? 🧐

We're glad you asked! The Standard SSAT refers to in-person paper test administration at approved test centers on designated SSAT testing dates. The vast majority of paper tests are Standard. In contrast, Flex testing is when the SSAT is offered on special dates, typically by a member school or an approved educational consultant. In either case, it's the same SSAT assessment.

Testing Accommodations

We are committed to ensuring that test takers with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations when taking the SSAT.

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Registering for the Paper-Based SSAT

Parents/guardians must have an SSAT account to register a student for the SSAT. Use your account to: 

  • Print your admission ticket (if required for your testing option)
  • Change your test date, location, and contact information
  • Add or cancel score recipients
  • Track your test registrations, school inquires, and applications
  • Receive your SSAT score report(s)
  • Order study guides and additional services
  • Participate in SSAT Practice Online

Use the Account Login to create or access your account.

Paper SSAT Scores

Paper scores are typically released to schools and families within two weeks after completed test materials are received. Families access scores through your account on our online portal, through which you can designate score recipient schools and educational consultants as score advisors. We also offer a variety of add-on score services for notifications, printed reports, and hand scoring.

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Practice for the SSAT.

Official SSAT Practice Materials help your student get ready for the SSAT with both online and books available. Try the free mini-test or get an online subscription to practice for a year. You can also order the books. All practice upgrades include 4 full length tests. Online practice includes quizzes and other practice materials.

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