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EMA has helped thousands of students apply to private schools with fee waivers. Please see if your student meets the eligibility requirements below.

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We help students explore private school education. 

If your child is interested in private or independent school enrollment but you cannot pay the SSAT registration fee, you may be eligible to receive an SSAT fee waiver. To get started: 

  • Review the fee waiver eligibility requirements below
  • If you meet the eligibility requirements, contact a school to which your child is applying
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Is the SSAT at Home right for your student?

Learn about our three safe and convenient ways to take the SSAT.

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Scheduling the SSAT at Home

Beginning in mid-July, SSAT at Home signup will be available through the test registration process. When a parent or guardian logs into their account, they will be able to register for the SSAT at Home, then they will be directed to schedule their student's test date. Detailed information and guidelines will be provided when SSAT at Home registration opens.

Families who have already registered for a 2020 test date but have yet to take the exam due to COVID-19 cancellations will receive priority SSAT at Home scheduling. More spaces will be opening soon.

The SSAT at Home is currently only available in U.S. and Canada for Middle and Upper Level Students.

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Fee Waiver Eligibility

To receive an SSAT fee waiver from an EMA member school or organization, students must meet any of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Annual household income is less than 150 percent of the poverty threshold or the poverty guideline set by their country of residence, or is less than 60 percent of the median household income for their country of residence**
  • The student is an orphan, ward of the state, or is homeless
  • The student is enrolled or eligible to participate in a government subsidized food program or school-lunch program based on household income
  • The student is living in government subsidized housing based on their household income

Please note that fee waiver eligibility is not predetermined by a family’s financial need for tuition assistance.
**For states, provinces, or regions with a high cost of living or varying thresholds, it is acceptable to use available local data to make this determination.

What’s Included With an SSAT Fee Waiver

  • An SSAT fee waiver applies to the test fee only—it does not cover late fees or service fees other than those noted below. 
  • An SSAT fee waiver provided to you by an EMA member school or organization can be used for any computer- or paper-based SSAT. 
  • SSAT fee waivers are not available directly from EMA, the provider of the SSAT.
  • SSAT fee waivers cover the base SSAT registration fee for U.S., Canadian, and all international testing.
  • SSAT fee waivers expire on July 31 of each year. If your SSAT fee waiver has expired, you must request a new fee waiver from a school to which you are applying.
  • SSAT fee waivers also include SSAT Practice Online and Admission Academy. Please note that these services are only available after you register for the SSAT using the fee waiver.
  • Students may receive and use more than one SSAT fee waiver to test multiple times.
  • Please note: If your student is required to take the Character Skills Snapshot, you can ask the requiring school for a separate Snapshot fee waiver.

SSAT Fee Waiver Tips 🧐

  • If you receive a fee waiver, try to register a few weeks or months ahead of testing to use the free SSAT Practice Online to prepare for the SSAT.
  • If you aren't going to use a fee waiver allocated to you, please contact the school or organization that provided it so they can provide it to another student.
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