to the SSAT.

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Unsure what to study for the SSAT?

A hand-drawn doodle of a bullhorn.

Unsure what to study for the SSAT?

Find out with a free Mini-Practice Test!
A hand-drawn doodle of a bullhorn.

Unsure what to study for the SSAT?

A hand-drawn doodle of a bullhorn.

Unsure what to study for the SSAT?

Find out with a free Mini-Practice Test!

The next-gen assessment for our next generation.

The leading private school admission assessment since 1957, the SSAT continues to pave the way with unmatched fairness, reliability, and the flexibility of paper, at-home, and Prometric testing, helping to pair our next generation of students with their best-fit schools.

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Trusted. Worldwide.

Brought to you by the Enrollment Management Association (EMA), the SSAT is the gold-standard assessment trusted by private schools from California to Saudi Arabia. With over 5,000 testing locations worldwide, Admission.org, and services such as the Standard Application Online and Character Skills Snapshot, EMA and the SSAT empower families to navigate private school enrollment.

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SSAT tests undergo the most rigorous vetting process to remove regional, ethnic, or cultural biases, and accommodations are available to students with disabilities, ensuring fairness.


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Paper and Prometric testing worldwide, at-home testing in the United States and Canada, and the ability to test multiple times provide families with the utmost convenience and flexibility.

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The SSAT adheres to strict administration and the highest degree of statistical scoring procedures to deliver accurate and comparable results across all versions of the test.

step 1

Learn about your SSAT options.

When, where, and how your child takes the SSAT depends on their age and location. Review the testing options now to determine the best one for your child. Please note that the options vary between the Upper, Middle, and Elementary levels.

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The traditional paper SSAT remains the preferred option for many students.

Learn about paper testing
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A secure online test monitored via webcam by a proctor.

Learn about the SSAT at Home
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A computer-based version taken at a Prometric test center.

Learn about Prometric testing
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We’re committed to providing reasonable accommodations to test takers with disabilities.

Learn about testing accommodations
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Request a kit for the SSAT at Home if you don’t have a computer or internet access.

Learn more about equity tech kits
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SSAT fee waivers are administered by the schools and they cover the registration fee, online practice, and Admission Academy subscriptions.

Learn more about fee waivers
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step 2

Explore accommodations and equitable testing.

Students with disabilities requiring accommodations must apply and get approval before registering. Students without a computer or stable internet connection at home can request an equity tech kit for the SSAT at Home or Character Skills Snapshot. Financially disadvantaged families may also apply for a fee waiver.

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step 3

Register and schedule.

For paper testing, you will register and schedule at the same time. SSAT at Home and Prometric have a two-step process where you register first and then follow the subsequent prompt to schedule. Combine the SSAT and Character Skills Snapshot to provide admission teams with a holistic view of your child’s intellectual abilities and special qualities. Register for both assessments together and save.

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SSAT at Home and Prometric test dates are scheduled after completing registration.

Register for the SSAT
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The perfect complement to the SSAT, the Snapshot measures student preferences, attitudes, and beliefs.

Learn About the Snapshot
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Only our online practice tests feature an interface virtually identical to the actual SSAT at Home assessment.

Learn About Online Practice
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Our guide books contain practice tests, study questions and tips, scoring explanations, and more.

Learn About the Guides
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step 4

Study with the official SSAT practice materials.

As the creator of the SSAT, EMA knows it best, giving our official SSAT practice materials an advantage in preparing your child for each segment of the test. Parents will also want to review our assessment advice articles.

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step 5

Apply and submit SSAT scores.

You control who receives your child’s SSAT scores. Before testing, designate schools and educational consultants in our portal as score recipients so they receive results immediately. Or wait and review scores from multiple SSAT tests to selectively submit the best results, a process made easy with the Standard Application Online (SAO).

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Save time applying to over 400 schools with our common private school application.

Learn About the SAO
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Search top private schools by your preferred criteria to find the right fit for your child’s education, and explore our featured schools.

Featured Schools
Admission Services

Get ready to get in with

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As the home of EMA's family services, Admission.org is packed with advice articles, events, and the services listed below to help your family throughout the private school application process.

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Admission Concierge

Stay informed and on track throughout the application process with our free advice emails.

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Get Connected!

Hear from outstanding schools actively seeking students with this free service for families.

Connect With Schools
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Gain essential insight into the private school application process with advice from admission directors and industry experts.

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The Help Center is your source for quick answers to frequently asked questions. We’re also here to help when you simply need to talk to someone! Please note below that who you contact depends on your situation.

General Support

Call 1-609-683-4440 or use the email form link below for account, SSAT, SAO, Character Skills Snapshot, and Admission Academy questions.

SSAT at Home

Before test day, call PSI Customer Care at 1-833-207-1288 for at-home setup help. On test day, call the PSI Help Desk at  1-833-310-6425.

Prometric Support

Call 1-800-853-6769 Monday–Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET.

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Help open doors to education!

EMA assists thousands of students annually through our fee waiver program; please help support deserving students on their enrollment journeys.