The SSAT Flex Test

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Flex testing increases the availability of the paper SSAT beyond the Standard testing dates. Consider Flex testing when the Standard dates or locations don't work for your schedule.

Flex registration is


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Closes on July 24.

Flex registration is


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Reopens on August 1.

What is a Flex test?

While the Standard paper SSAT is available on fixed dates, Flex tests are given on a flexible basis. Administered by EMA member schools and approved educational consultants, Flex testing delivers the same paper SSAT as Standard testing.

Students at all testing levels can take one Flex test per testing year (August 1 – July 21).

To take a Flex test, use the "Flex Test With Consultant" tab on the SSAT Test Center Search to find open tests.

Please note: Educational consultants charge an administrative fee for Flex testing in addition to the SSAT registration fees. Check with them regarding their fee structures.

Two Types of Flex Testing

Open Flex Tests

Open Flex tests are when a school hosts a group of students for Flex testing and makes registration open to the public. You can search for open Flex tests using our Test Center Search. From the "Test Centers" tab, filter by the "Flex" Test Type. Availability may be limited.

Closed Flex Tests

Closed Flex tests are when an educational consultant or school administers the SSAT to an individual or a small group of students. An access code from the school or educational consultant is needed to register for a closed Flex test.

Practice for the SSAT.

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The Official SSAT Practice Materials from the assessment team that creates the SSAT include Online Practice and Guide Books. Both have four full-length practice tests mirroring the SSAT experience. Get started with the free online Mini-Practice Test to identify where to focus studying.