Paper-Based SSAT:
Our Traditional Testing Option

Online & Printed Practice

Take the paper-based SSAT in person at one of our test centers.

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Taking the Paper-Based SSAT

The paper-based SSAT is administered at test centers or by educational consultants. For each question, students use a pencil to fill in a circle for the answer they have chosen, and students also complete a writing sample in pencil. 

Test administrators follow precise instructions for proctoring of the SSAT — which will continue even as we expand our testing to include two new computer-based SSAT options: the SSAT at Home and the SSAT at Prometric test centers.

Click here to view the 2022-2023 SSAT Standard dates.

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Learn More About the Paper-Based SSAT

Check out our guide for complete details, including deadlines.

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Is the SSAT at Home right for my student?

Learn about our three safe and convenient ways to take the SSAT.

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There are two types of traditional paper-based SSAT administrations: 

Standard: There are typically eight SSAT Standard dates during the academic year at test sites around the world. In the U.S. and Canada, paper-based testing will not be an option on these dates. Internationally, we will have five paper-based test dates.

Flex: These tests are given to an individual or group by member schools or approved educational consultants on any date other than the Standard dates. Students may take one Flex test in a testing year.

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Testing Accommodations

We are committed to ensuring that test takers with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations when taking the SSAT.

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Registering for the Paper-Based SSAT

Parents/guardians must have an SSAT account to register a student for the SSAT. Use your account to: 

  • Print your admission ticket (if required for your testing option)
  • Change your test date, location, and contact information
  • Add or cancel score recipients
  • Track your test registrations, school inquires, and applications
  • Receive your SSAT score report(s)
  • Order study guides and additional services
  • Participate in SSAT Practice Online

Use the Student Login to create or access your account.

Test Day Expectations for the Paper-Based SSAT

Check-in: You will show your admission ticket and confirm your student’s information, and staff will remind both you and your student of testing rules and any COVID-19 requirements. Parents/guardians can retain any student belongings or store them in a designated area. 

Security & Admission: Students will be asked to temporarily roll up sleeves to show they are not wearing a watch and turn out pockets to show they don’t have prohibited items. In some locations, students may walk through a metal detector, or a hand-held wand detector may be used, prior to entering the testing room. Staff will ensure proper social distancing throughout.

Testing: Students will receive an SSAT answer booklet and verify all personal information is correct. When testing begins, students will be given a specific amount of time to complete each section, will be provided breaks of varying times between test sections, and will be given a five-minute warning before a section ends.

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Scores for the Paper-Based SSAT

Typically, scores will be released to schools indicated during the registration process and families within two weeks after completed test materials are received. Families can access them online through their account. Click here for more information.

Scoring services, such as score alerts and the ability to review your student’s writing sample, are available for additional fees.

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Learn about the steps in the enrollment process.

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There are tons of multi-purpose options.
Each question on The Snapshot was written by assessment development specialists and subject matter experts in psychology and education, as well as members from the independent school community.
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Students answer two types of questions.

There are tons of multi-purpose options.
The Snapshot measures a student’s preferences, attitudes, and beliefs about their character. It does not measure their behavior and is not an achievement test.

Member schools using The Character Skills Snapshot will receive reports from those parents/guardians who select them as report recipients approximately two weeks following Snapshot completion. Families have the opportunity to review their report before it appears on their selected schools’ Member Access Portal (MAP).
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Snapshot Reports summarize results.

There are tons of multi-purpose options.
The Snapshot is meant to complement, not replace, a holistic admissions process that includes information from cognitive tests (such as the SSAT), recommendation letters, interviews, etc.

It is not intended to determine if a student should or should not be admitted. Instead, it offers context to help you better understand the whole student.
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Schools use Snapshot insights to better understand applicants.

There are tons of multi-purpose options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use official SSAT practice tools?


The Official Study Guide for the SSAT and SSAT Practice Online are built by the same team that creates actual test forms and questions. They understand the SSAT inside and out and work hard to ensure official SSAT practice aligns with the real SSAT. While others companies, services, and products may claim to know the content that is on the SSAT, the truth is that SSAT questions are never released.

Do the writing prompts change?


Every test administration offers new writing samples for students, so that the SSAT prompts are constantly changing, per the desires of member schools.

What is the best way for my student to prepare for the SSAT?


In general, becoming familiar with the format of the SSAT is the best way students can prepare. This includes understanding the type and quantity of questions on the SSAT, the setup of the sections, and getting experience taking a standardized test.

Middle & Upper Level
Two official SSAT preparation tools are available. The first is The Official Study Guide for the SSAT, which includes three full length practice tests. The second is the SSAT Practice Online service, which offers even more practice content and tools. Login to your account to order or access these services. Click here for more information.

Elementary Level
A free partial practice test is available for both the 3rd grade and 4th grades in the  Elementary Level:

3rd Grade

4th Grade

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