Test-Day Essentials

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When SSAT at Home test day arrives, knowing what to expect and who to contact with questions is a winning formula. For urgent support on test day, contact PSI Customer Care at 1-833-310-6425.

SSAT at Home registration is


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Closes on July 12.

SSAT at Home registration is


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Reopens on August 1.

SSAT Test Day Tip: Healthy Habits

Proper sleep and regular exercise can help students feel mentally sharp for testing. Have them eat a balanced breakfast on test day, but not so much that they feel tired afterward. Dress for success in comfortable clothes and footwear to avoid distractions. See more tips for reducing standardized test anxiety.

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Launching the Test

  • Restart the computer and close all applications before launching the test.
  • Launch the test using the Chrome browser 15–30 minutes before the start time from the “My Tests” page in your account.
  • Late policy: Appointments are guaranteed for 15 minutes after the start time before cancellation; testers who miss the sign-in window must register and pay for a new test.
  • The proctor will join within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time; please be patient.
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Check-in and Room Scans

  • Parents can assist with check-in but must leave the room when the proctor asks.
  • Let the proctor know about any approved accommodations during check-in.
  • Test takers are prompted to take a selfie and perform a room scan with their webcam.
  • Students are only allowed two pieces of plain notepaper, a pencil, and a clear water bottle in their work area.
  • The proctor will review testing procedures and rules.
  • The test timer doesn’t start until the check-in process is complete.

During the Test

  • Students must remain seated and focused in front of the webcam except during breaks.
  • Students may use the chat function to ask the proctor questions or request an unscheduled break.
  • Parents should remain in a nearby room to help if an issue arises.
  • A small thumbnail will display a red or green circle that indicates if the student is visible on the webcam; this helps the proctor monitor, and students can ignore it.
  • Students who finish a section early can proceed to the next section.

What if the student is disconnected?

  • Students can call their parents into the room if they are disconnected. Give it a minute to see if the test automatically reconnects, and then try re-launching the remote browser.

    The proctor will contact the parent's phone number or email provided, and you can also contact PSI Customer Care at 1-833-310-6425.
  • If unable to resolve the problem after contacting PSI Customer Care, close the test, and you can reschedule for free (rescheduling will be available in your account on the following day). You may also choose the paper or Prometric SSAT instead.

    Please note: Test takers must have launched the test on time to get a free reschedule.

Rescheduling Your SSAT at Home Appointment

  • SSAT at Home appointments can be rescheduled for free up to 72 hours before the original start time.
  • You cannot reschedule within 72 hours of testing; students unable to attend the original appointment in this scenario must register and pay for a new session.
  • Reschedule on the “My Tests” page in your EMA account, or contact PSI directly at 1-833-207-1288 to make that change.
  • SSAT at Home appointments cannot be rescheduled to a Prometric or paper SSAT registration.
  • Students who begin at-home testing on time but are unable to complete the SSAT due to technical issues can reschedule for free (rescheduling will be available in your account on the following day).

Need help?

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Questions and Help Before Test Day

For help running the system check, call PSI Customer Care at 1-833-207-1288. For general SSAT questions, contact 1-609-683-4440 or info@ssat.org.

Technical Support on Test Day

For assistance with logging in, secure browser issues, or other technical issues, call the PSI Help Desk at 1-833-310-6425. Please monitor your email on test day for any important updates regarding your test and to receive confirmation of your student’s successful test submission.

Equity Tech Kit Support

If you received an Equity Tech Kit and need hardware or Wi-Fi assistance, contact ShockIT Support at 1-267-554-7087.

Questions about SSAT test options, scores, and more?