Preparation Checklist

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SSAT at Home test takers are responsible for meeting all room and technology requirements. Please follow the Preparation Checklist below for a smooth online testing experience.

SSAT at Home registration is


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Closes on July 12.

SSAT at Home registration is


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Reopens on August 1.

How is the SSAT at Home taken?

A computer or laptop with a webcam, speaker, microphone, Chrome browser, and a reliable internet connection is required to take the SSAT at Home. Learn how to run a system check in the steps below, and if your setup doesn’t meet the requirements, you can request an Equity Tech Kit.

Testers who follow these instructions are typically successful, but sometimes issues are out of your control. Your internet provider may have connectivity issues, or your computer requires an unexpected update. We understand. Testers that launch the SSAT at Home during their appointment window who experience technical difficulties can reschedule for free.

Review the following getting started tips and preparation steps and the Test-Day Essentials to ensure you're ready to administer the SSAT at Home.

step 1

Run a System Check

Run a system check before scheduling or as soon as possible to ensure compliance. Complete the system check using the Chrome browser on the testing computer. Perform another system check three to four days before testing so you can still reschedule for free if your system no longer meets the requirements.

The SSAT at Home works on a Mac or PC (laptop or desktop) with a microphone, speaker, webcam, Chrome browser, and a strong internet connection. It doesn’t work on a Chromebook, tablet, or cell phone.

step 2

Request an Equity Tech Kit (If Needed)

You can request an Equity Tech Kit for free if you don’t have a computer that meets the requirements or stable internet access (a fee waiver is not required). Kits include a laptop and a mobile internet hotspot.

Please note: Request a kit before scheduling because delivery can take a few weeks. If you have already scheduled and are unsure if it will arrive on time, you can reschedule for free as long as it is 72 hours or more before testing.

step 3

Schedule the Test

After registering for the SSAT at Home and running a system check, schedule the SSAT at Home with PSI, our testing partner, from the “My Tests” page in your account. The date you select must be before or on the final at-home test date in July of the current testing year.

step 4

Prepare the Testing Area

Select a well-lit room with stable internet access without anything on the walls or surrounding area that could help the test taker. The test taker must be seated in a chair at a desk or table free of all prohibited items such as cell phones, watches, and snacks. Except for approved accommodations, only two pieces of plain notepaper, a pencil, and a clear water bottle are allowed in the work area.

It’s also critical that other people in the house limit internet use and leave the test taker alone.

step 5

Launch the Test

Restart your computer and close all applications. Launch the test using the Chrome browser 30 minutes before the scheduled start time from the “My Tests” page in your account.

The remote proctor will join the session up to 10–15 minutes after the scheduled start time for check-in and the room scan. Parents may assist with the setup, but you must leave the room when the proctor asks before testing begins (stay nearby to help if an issue arises). The proctor remains available to the student via chat for questions, and the test timer doesn’t start until check-in is complete.

Late policy: Appointments are guaranteed for 15 minutes after the start time before cancellation; testers who miss the sign-in window must register and pay for a new test.

step 6

Know What to Expect During Testing

In addition to the test-area regulations reviewed above, the SSAT at Home has testing rules designed to keep students focused and maintain test integrity.

  • Students can’t talk, cover their mouths, or cover their ears during testing.
  • Cell phones, watches, and earbuds are prohibited.
  • Students must stay focused on their computer and scrap paper; an alert from the system or a proctor's chat message will appear if they stray.
  • Students aren’t allowed to leave the room except during breaks; there are two scheduled breaks, and students can ask the proctor for an unscheduled break to go to the bathroom (the timer doesn’t stop during unscheduled breaks).
  • Don’t open any other programs on the computer (even during breaks).

Learn more about testing regulations and rule violation alerts in the video below. Continue to Test-Day Essentials for issue troubleshooting.

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What is the best way to prepare for the SSAT at Home?

The Official SSAT Online Practice from the creator of the SSAT at Home provides the best simulation for taking a computer-based SSAT. Complete with four full-length practice tests, 15 practice section tests, and over 50 quiz subjects.

Explore Online Practice
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Need help?

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Questions and Help Before Test Day

For help running the system check, call PSI Customer Care at 1-833-207-1288. For general SSAT questions, contact 1-609-683-4440 or

Technical Support On Test Day

For assistance with logging in, secure browser issues, or other technical issues, call the PSI Help Desk at 1-833-310-6425. Please monitor your email on test day for any important updates regarding your test and to receive confirmation of your student’s successful test submission.

Equity Tech Kit Support

If you received an Equity Tech Kit and need hardware or Wi-Fi assistance, contact ShockIT Support at 1-267-554-7087.

Questions about SSAT test options, scores, and more?