Sending SSAT Scores

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Learn how to send SSAT score reports to schools and educational consultants and whether it is better to send scores immediately upon release or wait until you have the chance to review the results first.

SSAT Score Recipients

Only EMA member schools and consultants can receive official SSAT score reports. Parents may designate these score recipients for free during registration, or you can wait until after receiving the scores to review them first. Watch the adjacent video for tips on the best option for your situation.

If your child takes the SSAT more than once, schools and consultants will only receive results from the tests that have them listed as recipients.

How to Send SSAT Test Scores

Step-by-Step Instructions

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To send your SSAT scores to a school or educational consultant:

  1. Go to the SSAT Scores page in your parent/guardian account.
  2. Click the downward caret next to your student's test.
  3. Type the name of the school or educational consultant (or their four-digit code) into "Search and Add Score Recipients."
  4. Select the correct recipient (double-check their location) and click "Add."

Only scores from the selected test will be sent, even if your student tested multiple times.

SSAT Score Advisors

If you want to give a school or educational consultant access to send scores to other schools or educational consultants on your behalf, then list them as a score advisor.

  • Follow the same steps as adding a score recipient, then enter their name or four-digit code into the "Score Advisor" field.
  • You can only list one score advisor per SSAT test.

Canceling Score Recipients or Advisors

Please note that you can only remove score recipients and advisors before scores are released.

  • Click the "Remove" link next to any score recipient.
  • If you don't see a "Remove" link, scores have already been released and cannot be withdrawn.

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