SSAT Score Release and Schedule

Parents/guardians are required to complete the Testing Experience Statement to release SSAT scores. Learn more below.

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The Testing Experience Statement

The Testing Experience Statement ensures a fair testing experience by providing families with the opportunity to report any irregularities or issues that interfered with the student's ability to complete the SSAT. A parent or guardian must complete the Testing Experience Statement for SSAT scores to be released.

Please be advised that this policy applies to all students and testing modes. Scores will not be released to the family, designated schools, or educational consultants until the statement is completed.

Completing the Statement

Complete the Testing Experience Statement as soon as possible after testing by:

What if there's an irregularity?

When reporting an irregularity, you must also email a detailed description to immediately.

Irregularities are rare, but if one occurs, EMA will work with you and the test center to understand what happened and if the test was fair and valid.

A parent on her laptop completing the SSAT Testing Experience Statement with her teenage daughter watching.

Score Release Method

Schools and Educational Consultants

EMA releases scores securely to schools and educational consultants through an account similar to parent/guardian accounts or via an automatic data connection into their systems.

Scores are not mailed or emailed. Score reports to schools and educational consultants always include the scores and a copy of the writing sample.

To confirm that scores were released to a school or educational consultant, follow the instructions under Accessing Scores below. After clicking the “+” sign to expand a test, you’ll see a release date for each recipient that has received your scores. For example:

A screenshot showing whether SSAT scores were delivered to a school or consultant.


Scores are released to families for free through their online account. Scores are listed and a PDF score report can be downloaded. Scores can also be reported by mail or FedEx for an additional cost. Score alerts by text or email are also available for an additional cost.

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There are tons of multi-purpose options.
Each question on The Snapshot was written by assessment development specialists and subject matter experts in psychology and education, as well as members from the independent school community.
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Students answer two types of questions.

There are tons of multi-purpose options.
The Snapshot measures a student’s preferences, attitudes, and beliefs about their character. It does not measure their behavior and is not an achievement test.

Member schools using The Character Skills Snapshot will receive reports from those parents/guardians who select them as report recipients approximately two weeks following Snapshot completion. Families have the opportunity to review their report before it appears on their selected schools’ Member Access Portal (MAP).
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Snapshot Reports summarize results.

There are tons of multi-purpose options.
The Snapshot is meant to complement, not replace, a holistic admissions process that includes information from cognitive tests (such as the SSAT), recommendation letters, interviews, etc.

It is not intended to determine if a student should or should not be admitted. Instead, it offers context to help you better understand the whole student.
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There are tons of multi-purpose options.
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