SSAT Policies

SSAT Candidate Handbook and Agreement

The SSAT Candidate Handbook sets forth all of the policies and procedures for the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT). The Handbook includes policies and procedures for examination registration and scheduling, examination administration, scoring, retesting, violations, investigations, errors, and dispute resolution. 

The policies and procedures in the Handbook help protect SSAT examination content, maintain the integrity of the school application process, and ensure test fairness and validity for all candidates.

All candidates and their parents or legal guardians must read and familiarize themselves with the Handbook and agree to all policies and procedures contained therein. 

All policies and procedures in the Handbook are part of the SSAT Candidate Agreement, which is also included in the Handbook

The SSAT is made available to candidates exclusively under the terms of the Agreement, which constitutes a legally binding agreement between The Enrollment Management Association and candidates and their parents or legal guardians.

Access the SSAT Candidate Handbook.

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