Accommodations Handbook

Human Scribe

  • Students approved to have a human scribe assist them during testing are responsible for identifying and providing this individual on test day for all computer-based and paper-based SSAT administrations. Eligibility requirements are in the last item of this section below.
  • Students assisted by a scribe MUST be tested individually to ensure the interactions between the student and scribe do not disrupt the test taking of other students.
  • Scribes are permitted to transcribe all verbal information as dictated by the student when completing the writing sample section of the SSAT, and may, at the student’s discretion, fill in the answer booklet for all other sections of the test.
  • Any verbal information dictated by the student as part of their written response MUST be transcribed verbatim and these individuals are NOT permitted to clarify, elaborate, or provide alternate descriptions, interpretations, or suggestions.
  • All test related questions, including but not limited to requests for clarification, having directions repeated, etc., are to be posed directly to the proctor, not the scribe. Please note that any student requests to erase or make edits to their writing sample or answer selections do not require approval from the proctor and may be asked of the scribe by the student at any time during testing.
  • If the test proctor determines the scribe is providing a student with inappropriate assistance during testing, they reserve the right to provide a first verbal warning to the scribe; however, if the proctor cites repeated instances of inappropriate assistance, testing may be discontinued and reported as a testing irregularity and the student’s test will NOT be scored.
  • The scribe may word process the writing sample for the student only if the student has been approved for the use of a laptop for the written portion of the SSAT.


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If you have any questions or concerns about your family's ability to provide anything needed for your student to complete testing, please contact EMA immediately and well in advance of your scheduled test date.

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