Accommodations Handbook

Paper-Based Accommodated Testing Registration

All paper-based SSAT administrations, including both Flex and Standard tests (described below), are scheduled and organized by EMA’s member schools and approved educational consultants. The availability of accommodations for a scheduled paper-based SSAT administration is largely dependent upon the member school or consultant’s ability to effectively provide accommodations and/or the availability of the resources necessary to cover the testing needs of all registrants on test day. In turn, not all scheduled paper-based SSAT administrations will offer accommodated seating. After your student’s test accommodations have been approved, as you navigate the online SSAT registration process you will be required to indicate your student’s need for accommodations for testing. When indicating a need for accommodations during test registration, the system will filter all scheduled paper-based SSAT administrations to show only those test dates and locations where accommodated seating remains available. This filtering process ensures that your student does not end up registered for a specific test administration where their needs cannot be met on test day.

Flex Test Registration & Deadlines

Paper-based Flex tests are those administered on any day other than the Standard test dates outlined below. There are two different types of Flex test offerings for the SSAT; Open and Closed. An Open Flex test is one which is open to the public for registration and does not require an Access Code for registration; whereas, Closed FLEX tests require pre-approval from an EMA member school or consultant and does require an Access Code to complete registration. 

For any Open Flex test offering accommodated seating, registration is scheduled to close 10 days before the scheduled test date to ensure adequate time for the member school or consultant to order all test materials necessary for administration of the SSAT. 

For any Closed Flex test offering accommodated seating, registration will not close until the day of the scheduled SSAT administration; however, it is important that you allow enough time between registration and test day to ensure EMA is able to provide any special materials, as needed, to the appropriate test center (i.e. large print test materials, braille materials, etc.).

Standard Test Registration & Deadlines

Paper-based Standard tests are those administered on specific dates during the course of a given testing season (August 1st - July 31st). Registration for accommodated testing on all standard test dates is open to the public  anywhere seating remains available. Standard testing is made available through participating member schools; however, educational consultants are not permitted to offer Standard test administrations. Not all member schools administer the SSAT on Standard test dates and for those that do, they may choose to offer the SSAT on all scheduled dates or only those which work best for their respective administration teams. 

For any Standard test offering accommodated seating, registration is scheduled to close 14 days (two weeks) before the scheduled test date to ensure adequate time for the member school to plan and organize for the varied needs of the accommodated testers on their respective test day rosters by ensuring adequate access, test space, and personnel to appropriately administer the SSAT. Please refer to the table below for more information related to the specific registration deadlines as they apply to paper-based Standard test dates for the current testing season.

2023–24 SSAT Registration Deadlines
Standard Test Dates Last Day to Register for General Testing Last Day to Register for Accommodated Testing
10/14/23 10/11/23 9/30/23
11/11/23 11/8/23 10/28/23
12/9/23 12/6/23 11/25/23
1/6/24 1/3/24 12/23/23
2/3/24 1/31/24 1/20/24
4/20/24 4/17/24 4/6/24

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If you have any questions or concerns about your family's ability to provide anything needed for your student to complete testing, please contact EMA immediately and well in advance of your scheduled test date.

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