Accommodations Handbook

Diabetic Supplies (Individual test; medication; snacks/water; monitoring kit; and breaks, as needed)

  • Students must be approved for access to their diabetic supplies prior to registering for either the paper-based SSAT or the computer-based SSAT At-Home.
  • This accommodation will not be necessary for any student completing a computer-based SSAT at Prometric, as Prometric test centers permit students to enter with any needed medical equipment on test day without prior approval; however, if you anticipate also completing a paper-based SSAT in the same test season, it is best to apply and be approved diabetic supplies as part of any application for accommodations as this approval will be required for access to these materials during any paper-based SSAT administration.
  • Students approved for the use of diabetic supplies are permitted to bring any/all equipment/items necessary to monitor blood/sugar levels, administer prescription medication (i.e. insulin, glucagon), etc.
  • Students with diabetic needs will be permitted to request up to one 20-minute break per test section during testing on test day. It is the student’s responsibility to request any needed breaks during testing. The student must raise their hand to get the attention of the proctor. The proctor will then stop the timing of the test to grant the break. Once the student is ready to settle back in to continue testing or whenever the full break time has elapsed, the test timing will restart and they will finish out the remainder of the section and move on per the standardized testing schedule.
  • Students approved for diabetic supplies are required to test individually in their own room with their own proctor to ensure their needing to tend to their medical needs does not disrupt the testing of others on test day.
  • If your student uses an SSAT-restricted item such as an cell phone or other electronic equipment with capabilities beyond those needed for medical purposes (e.g., iPhone with internet access), this specific equipment must be approved by EMA in advance of test day. Please contact us immediately to have your equipment approved to ensure your student has what they need during testing.
  • The use of a cell phone for any reason is strictly prohibited in any Prometric testing center location. Therefore, should your student require access to such a device during testing, they will need to be registered for either the SSAT at Home or any available paper-based testing options.
  • Unauthorized use of any electronic equipment may result in the student being dismissed from the test with NO scores being reported and NO refund issued for the incomplete test.


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If you have any questions or concerns about your family's ability to provide anything needed for your student to complete testing, please contact EMA immediately and well in advance of your scheduled test date.

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