Accommodations Handbook

Computer-Based SSAT at Home

As is the same for all test mode options, any student wishing to take a computer-based SSAT at Home with accommodations is required to apply and be approved for their needed accommodations prior to registering for testing. With some SSAT accommodations being unnecessary when taking the computer-based test versus a traditional paper-based test, it is recommended that any student seeking accommodations for a computer-based test, apply for accommodations with the possibility of taking a paper-based test in mind. By doing so, you will ensure that your student is approved for any and all accommodations that may become necessary for any mode of testing. For a better understanding of the differences of how each accommodation will be provided on test day for each mode of testing, please view EMA's “common” accommodation descriptors below. If you have questions or concerns about any particular accommodations or a mode of testing, please do not hesitate to email EMA at


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If you have any questions or concerns about your family's ability to provide anything needed for your student to complete testing, please contact EMA immediately and well in advance of your scheduled test date.

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