Accommodations Handbook

Approver Process and Responsibilities For Students Who Need Accommodations Due to Disabilities

Step-by-Step Guide for Approving Accommodations

Once you have been designated as an approver by a student, a few simple steps complete the process.

  • First, you’ll receive an email with a link to an online form.
  • Next, the Approver will request a security code via the link provided.

This code will be emailed and after entering the code, the form will be unlocked for completion.

Complete the online form, indicating:

  • The type of documentation you have on file
  • An approval or denial for each requested accommodation
  • Your name

As part of the form, you’ll also be asked to print an Approver ID Form, sign it, and add a business card.

If you don’t have a business card, you can provide a brief statement on your company’s letterhead indicating your name, address, job title, responsibility for maintaining accommodation documentation, and that you are submitting the letter as verification of your identity for SSAT testing accommodations. f you will be submitting a letter to verify your identity as an SSAT approver of accommodations, please note that this letter should be submitted along with your signed approver identification form, not in lieu of this required document.

  • To submit the ID form online, simply take a picture of the form and business card/letter with your smartphone and email to
  • We will confirm when we’ve received and processed your ID form and your approval is complete.

If no other documentation needs to be submitted by the student, they will be alerted that they are approved and able to register with accommodations. Otherwise, if documentation is required, EMA will await its submission by the student for further review.

Once EMA has your ID on file, you will be considered a known approver.

This means that you will only need to submit ID once, regardless of the number of students you approve. Your status as a known approver continues through three testing seasons. In other words, if you become a known approver in the 2021-2022 testing season (August 1, 2021-July 31, 2022) you will not need to submit your ID again until August 1, 2024. When accessing future online approval forms as a known approver, the form recognizes your email address and will not require submission of identification for approval validation.


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If you have any questions or concerns about your family's ability to provide anything needed for your student to complete testing, please contact EMA immediately and well in advance of your scheduled test date.

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