Accommodations Handbook

Answer Directly in Test Book

  • Students approved for Answer Directly in Test Book are permitted to record their test answers directly in the test book rather than transferring answers to an answer booklet.
  • Answers will be transferred to the answer booklet from the test book following completion of the test by either the test proctor or personnel from EMA.
  • Transferred answers will be double-checked for accuracy by EMA personnel before the test is processed/scored.
  • This accommodation will not be necessary for any student completing the computer-based version of the SSAT; however, if you anticipate having your student also complete a paper-based SSAT, it is best to apply and be approved for this accommodation as part of any application.


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If you have any questions or concerns about your family's ability to provide anything needed for your student to complete testing, please contact EMA immediately and well in advance of your scheduled test date.

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