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What’s on the SSAT? 

Students in grades 3–11 are assessed on their verbal, math, and reading skills. A non-scored writing sample is also included to assess writing ability. The SSAT concludes with an experimental section that isn't scored or reported but is essential to validating future questions. Learn more via the level links below.


70,000 SSATs taken each year.

EMA testing experts continually monitor the SSAT to ensure it remains:
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The SSAT is written and reviewed by independent school educators and content and testing experts. Every question goes through a rigorous standardized process of validation. 

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SSAT’s scaled score reliability is higher than .90 (out of a possible 1.0) for both the verbal and quantitative sections and is approaching .90 for the reading section.

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EMA ensures that test takers with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations when taking the SSAT. SSAT fee waivers and equity tech kits are also available.


The processes and procedures for the SSAT’s administration are the same for every student at test sites around the world. 

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Practice for the SSAT.

Official SSAT Practice Materials help your student get ready for the SSAT with both online and books available. Try the free mini-test or get an online subscription to practice for a year. You can also order the books. All practice upgrades include 4 full length tests. Online practice includes quizzes and other practice materials.

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