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How To Read Your Score Report

Reading Your Middle/Upper Level SSAT Score Report

(see bottom of page for information on Elementary Level score reports)

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On Your Score Report:

About You

Be sure that the student’s name and date of birth are correct.  Also check to ensure that the student was registered using her/his current grade, which determines which test level the student took and the comparison/norm group for the SSAT Percentile.

The Test You Took

The student will have taken either the Middle Level SSAT if he/she is currently in grades 5-7 or the Upper Level SSAT if he/she is currently in grades 8-11. There is a different score scale for each level.

SSAT Scores and Scales

SSAT scores are broken down by section (Verbal, Quantitative/Math, Reading). A total score (a sum of the three sections) is also reported.

For the Middle Level SSAT the lowest number on the scale (440) is the lowest possible score a student can earn and the highest number (710) the highest score. 

For the Upper Level SSAT, the lowest number on the scale (500) is the lowest possible score a student can earn and the highest number (800) is the highest score.

The SSAT is scored on a bell curve: 50% of students score above the midpoint and 50% below. 

Personal Score Range

The student’s SSAT score falls right in the middle of their "Personal Score Range."  If a student takes another version of the SSAT within a short period of time, their scores would fall within one Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) of their previous score. For the Middle and Upper Level SSAT, the SEM is 18 points. A score that falls within one SEM of a previous score is not statistically different. 

SSAT Percentile

The SSAT Percentile (1 to 99) compares the student's performance on the SSAT with that of other students of the same grade and gender who have taken the SSAT in the U.S. and Canada on a Standard test date in the previous three years. For students who have taken the SSAT more than once, only their first set of scores is included in the norming process.

Test Question Breakdown

This section provides information about the test’s content and the student’s test-taking strategies. Examine the ratio of wrong answers to omits.  

Reading Your Elementary Level SSAT Score Report

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Learn how to interpret the scores on your EL score report

pdfSee a sample Elementary Level Score Report

Your child’s Elementary Level SSAT score report will contain the following information:

  • Number of Items: The number of items in the content sections and subsections.

  • Number Correct: The numb​er of correct answers for the content sections and subsections.

  • Percent Correct: The percentage of correct answers for the content sections and subsections. 

  • Scaled Score: A score which has a range of values from 300 to 600. The midpoint value of the content sections’ scaled scores is 450.

  • Scaled Score Percentile Rank: The scaled score percentile rank is a score which has values from 1 to 99. It compares performance to other students taking the same examination.

  • Total Scaled Score: The total scaled score is the sum of the scaled scores for the Quantitative, Verbal, and Reading Sections. It has a low value of 900, a high value of 1800, and a midpoint of 1350.